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import cs; import rmat; import Printable; import rException; import rJob. import rJob; import ; import ervice ; import erviceLookup; import l. public abstract class PrinterJob; extends Object. The principal class that controls printing. An application calls methods int his class to set up a job, optionally to.

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Calculates a PageFormat with values consistent with those supported by the current PrintService for this job ie the value returned by getPrintService and media, printable area and orientation contained in attributes. In either case, the original page object is not modified.

Can anyone tell me how to set the PrintRequestAttributeSet? Services returned from this method may be installed on PrinterJob s which support print services. The values are not based on the original settings supplied by the client.

Mirko Seifert 4 7. A convenience method which looks up 2D print services.

How can you set Java PrinterJob to Print to a File instead of a Printer

This method will display a native dialog if a native print service is selected, and user choice of printers will be restricted to these native print services. If the user changes the print service, the PrinterJob will be updated to reflect this, unless the user cancels the dialog.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Displays a dialog that allows modification of a PageFormat instance. The page argument is used to initialize controls in the page setup dialog. A convenience method which displays a cross-platform page setup dialog.

Java Code Examples of rJob

Use is subject to license terms. Cancels a print job that is in progress. Calling this method does not update the job. The PageFormat for each page is the default page format. On return it will reflect the user’s choices.


The pages in the document to be printed by this PrinterJob are rendered by the Printable object, painter. The document name can not be null. If using the Pageable interface, clients which intend to use media selected by the user must create a PageFormat derived ajva the user’s selections.

Prints a set of pages using the settings in the attribute set. If the user cancels the dialog, the attributes will not reflect any changes made by the user. Creates and returns a PrinterJob which is initially associated with the default printer. If attributes is null a default PageFormat is returned. For the selections to affect a printer job, the attributes must be specified in the call to the print PrintRequestAttributeSet method.

Note that some attributes may be set directly on the PrinterJob by equivalent method calls, for examplecopies: For example, the returned PageFormat could have its imageable area adjusted to fit within the physical area of the paper that is used by the current printer. Sign up using Email and Password. PrinterJob implementations which can use PrintService’s will update the PrintService for this PrinterJob to reflect the new service selected by the user.

The following worked for me to print multiple PDF document with a print dialog: Applications that need to determine if there are suitable printers before creating a PrinterJob should ensure that the array returned from lookupPrintServices is not empty. Implementations of this class which do not support print services may return null.

Clones the PageFormat argument and alters the clone to describe a default page size and orientation. Associate this PrinterJob with a new PrintService. If I use document. The choices available will reflect the print service currently set on this PrinterJob.


Here is my code: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. To present the cross platform print dialog for all services, including native ones instead use printDialog PrintRequestAttributeSet. Also see the documentation redistribution policy. Returns true if a print job is in progress, but is going to be cancelled at the next opportunity; otherwise returns false.

With the exception of selected printer, the PrinterJob state is not updated to reflect the user’s changes. These behaviours allow an application to directly pass the user settings returned from printDialog PrintRequestAttributeSet attributes to this print method.

The default implementation ignores the attribute set. Post as a guest Name. The attributes parameter on input will reflect the printerjog required initial selections in the user dialog. If print has been called but has not returned then this method signals that the job should be cancelled at the next chance.

The PageFormat of each page is format. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Sets the name of the document to be printed.

Sign up using Facebook. A convenience method which displays a cross-platform print dialog for all services which are capable of printing 2D graphics using the Pageable interface.