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In this three-part series, the articles describe new features available in the Java Portlet Specification (JSR ) and extensions supported by OpenPortal. The Java platform provides an standard referred to as JSR that standarizes how portlets interact with portlet containers and ensures compatibility across. In , Java Portlet Specification (JSR) first defined portal and For a detailed description of these features, see the tutorial OSGi and Modularity. Note .

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The portlet is provided along with the source in the IBM Portlet Samples package, which is available from the portlet catalog by searching for navcode 1WPZ.

Types of portlet solution vertical domains and technology like collaboration, social networking, community, content management, utility, calendaring, HRM all are available in these catalogs.

Runtime classpath RP branches from runtime classpath patches. Even so, the advantages of modularity are so great that we still recommend you develop your portlets as OSGi modules. A Portlets Catalog is a set of portlets that are ready-to-use components for enterprise portals. A portlet container is not responsible for aggregating the content produced by the portlets; the portal itself handles aggregation.

On a portal server running on Windows, installing a WAR file with a name that tutoial more than 25 characters will result in an error.

Application class loaders AC1application class loaders AC2and application class loaders AC3 are portlet applications that branch from application extensions.

For example, a message boards or wiki portlet is best suited on its own page. In many ways, writing your application as a portlet is easier than writing a standalone application.

I thought Liferay Portal was standards-compliant? This section shows you how to develop portlets using the following frameworks and techniques: A portal and a portlet container can be built together as a single component of an application suite or as two separate components of a portal application. To deploy a portlet and run it on the server, it must be packaged in the form of a Web application ARchive or WAR file. It also provides persistent storage mechanisms for the portlet preferences. You can also build portlets using your own development environment and tools.

  BS EN 60598-1 PDF

Views Read Edit View history. View the basic steps for creating a simple portlet, that include writing the portlet code, compiling java source, creating the JAR file, writing the portlet descriptors, setting up the WAR file directory structure, and packaging and deploying rutorial. Because Windows limits the maximum path length to characters, the name of the WAR file must be less than 25 characters.

Portlet standards platform independent application programming interfaces that are intended to enable software developers to create portlets that can be plugged into any portal supporting the standards. Typically, following tktorial desktop metaphora portal page is displayed as a collection of non-overlapping portlet windows, where each portlet window displays a portlet.

The recently released Java Portlet Specification pprtlet. Retrieved from ” https: A Java portlet resembles a Java Servletbut produces fragments rather than complete documents, and is not bound by a URL. Use this file if you use services from the Public SPI javadoc package.

Creating a simple portlet

Web apps in Liferay Portal are called portlets. An example is the Java Portlet Specification.

A portlet container runs portlets tutoral provides them with the required runtime environment. The Action phase can also trigger events that are processed by the Event phase. A portlet container contains portlets and manages their life cycles.

Next, the portlet must be packaged in the JAR file format. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Java Portlet Specification V1. Some examples of portlet applications are e-mailweather reportsdiscussion forumsand news.

Before you begin developing portlets, set up an environment that makes the tasks of writing, compiling, and testing portlets easier. The Java Portlet Specification defines a contract between the portlet container and portlets and provides a convenient programming model for Java portlet developers.


If you are not using wizards to develop portlets, the following topics describe the mechanics of building a simple portlet. Processes events triggered in the Action phase. Each portlet phase executes different operations: For those who want to adopt portals certainly need many and variety of portlets to deploy and run. When you develop portlets for Liferay Portal, you can leverage all the features defined by the portlet specification.

Use this file if you use services from the Public API javadoc package. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And because the portal controls page layout, you can reposition and resize one or more portlets on a page without altering any portlet code.

Portlets – Liferay – Liferay Developer Network

Another difference is that portlets run only in a portal pkrtlet, like the one in Liferay Portal. See Sample portlets for more information. To facilitate deployment of portlet applications and complex portlets, you can provide a portlet configuration file that can be invoked by the XML configuration interface XMLAccess.

For a detailed description of these features, see the tutorial OSGi and Modularity.

One key difference is that portlets run in a portion of the web page. In short, tutoria alleviate many of the traditional pain points associated with developing web apps. This gives you access to all the MVC Portlet functionality you are familiar with, plus the added bonus of using Soy templates for If this value has not been specified, specify the WAR file name of the portlet application in its place.