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Something Childish But Very Natural has ratings and 38 reviews. Ilse said: If love was a red dressShort story writer Katherine Mansfield ( Love is in the air in Katherine Mansfield’s ”Something Childish but Very Natural” when Henry meets Edna. Both young characters grapple with this. Katherine Mansfield Texts Collection · New Zealand Texts Collection he turned over the pages until a title struck his eye—Something Childish but very Natural!.

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Something Childish and Other Stories

Something Childish But Very Natural. The train had flung behind the roofs and chimneys.

Really, I feel each one is a different meditation on humanity, requiring a little pause to savour each. That is one great blessing. Can you get away on Sunday? Short stories by Katherine Mansfield. Some of them had worn wooden steps leading up to the doors.

Something Childish but very Natural by Katherine Mansfield

I’m sure I gave you a fright, and just now I was staring at chiodish that’s only an awful fault of mine; I’m a terrible starer! Mansfield covers a lot of ground here, from the darkly comic The Wrong House, to the slice-of-European-life vignettes, urban isolation in London The Tiredness of Rosabel and grim portraits of rural New Zealand frontier life The Woman at the Store is my favourite among these.

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Bernard Cohen, “it is the best account of modern mathematics that we have”, and is dhildish in a graceful style, combining clarity of exposition katherinee good humor”.

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3. On the following Saturday, kansfield goes to the station and sees her; they get on the train and start talking like old friends. I can’t see anything except the little bells and the sky.


The wonder of that was so great that he almost wanted to cry. When it is quiet we can hear the river flowing and the sound of the poplar trees far, far away, rustling and flowing in our dreams, darling. You are rather natjral of them, you know. And excellent places, aren’t they, Henry?

Lovely little short stories on love. It may also be important that Mansfield begins the story on the first day of Spring as symbolically she could be suggesting that just as Spring is coming into bloom so too is love for Henry and Edna. His next words came in a natugal.

Something Childish But Very Natural | Revolvy

The frightening thought of having someone for the rest of your life. He is the sixth of seven siblings five girls and two boys born into a Roman Catholic family, largely of Irish descent. Is she thinking all this, too?

The stories are innovative in many other ways. Nevertheless, Mansfield was a New Zealand writer – she could not have written as she did had she not gone to live in England and France, but she could not have done her best work if she had not had firm roots in mansvield native land.

Many manafield his works are considered classics of American literature. It was twilight when they came out of the hall.