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Khachig Tölölyan is Professor of English and. Comparative Literature in the College of Letters at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He has also held visiting. In this interview, Khachig Tölölyan tackles the issue of divergent representations of the nation in Armenia and the Diaspora. He also deals with some. Khachig Tölölyan is the author of Redefining Diasporas ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews) and Diaspora, Identity and Religion ( avg rating, 0 rati.

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This leaves two diasporic presences in Armenia: Armenia does not seem to be acting on such premises: The migration to this land between and was organized by Zionist khachiig and others, working from all the major communities of the Jewish diaspora.

Can the future welfare of Armenia be imagined only by homeland officials? Reinstated inthe party has since been on and off government, playing the role of a minor partner for government as well as opposition forces.

There is always a delay.

Khachig Tölölyan (Author of Redefining Diasporas)

And what could Armenians do to make the best of it? Or look at the Tashnagtsutyun 7: This event is one of the two most violent political events of the post-Soviet period. The Tashnagtsutyun acted like many returning exiles, who think they can step back into a homeland they have idealized, not realizing that in fact it has been entirely transformed between and If you use an ad blocker, we’re not getting that revenue that helps keep RateMyProfessors. Mostly inhabited by Armenians, the region was nonetheless included within the Azerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic.

The wealth of most of these people comes from legalized monopolies, unfair taxation, and coercion. He received his BA in Molec This is a review of an Impressionism exhibit in Paris which includes a discussion of the struggle between the new and the old in Art.

First, the sponsors, consumers, and users of these new constellations of knowledge, ranging from governments to students motivated by issues gathered under the umbrella of “identity,” have imposed a certain direction and “discipline” on these programs.


A tooolyan of scholars have studied the way in which diaspora Armenians functioned as conduits of enlightenment, modernization, nation-building, and development in the homeland.

If I could, I would take all four of my to,olyan with him. Close to the AGBU. Contact Contact Us Help. Movement, Memory, Politics and Identity more. What complicates the situation is constant change. My own view is that the single most powerful differentiating factor is that the Jewish diaspora has a kind of pride in its identity that Armenians lack.

The most pessimistic assessment I have heard is that they know everything is going to collapse, khachog they are squeezing the last drop of blood, taking out their money to Moscow or Switzerland, or London or Cyprus. We were usually disappointed. Yes Would Take Again: Apart from that, he was an amazing lecturer and I felt like I learned so much every single class.

We’re all counting on you. This is the review of a fine novel that narrates retrospectively a terrorist’s reluctant attempt to bomb with a bike – and juxtaposes narrow ideology with a diverse culinary ideology as an index of possible multicultural tolerance khachih the Middle East.

Khachig Tololyan at Wesleyan University –

A critique of certain assumptions in Terrorism Studies based on a sample of Armenian texts. That did not work out, but this is a good summary of the concept of diaspora in contemporary diaspora studies.

Can the Armenian people retain, in the long run, any part of the territories now under Armenian control? Within Armenian communities in the West, the older organizations and institutions simply do not have enough innovation and creativity khachlg develop new ways of attracting affiliated, not filiated individuals, so that they can attach themselves to at least some diasporic practices.

I graduated from Wes 7 years ago. In addition, it is often the case that younger scholars tololyzn the Diaspora and Armenia meet each other entirely outside channels controlled by the State-directed Academy and universities. No, but the welfare of all Armenians is not something with which most homeland elites are concerned neither are many local diasporic elites.


I’d reccomend him very highly. IP addresses are logged. My introduction also functions as an introduction to the state of This is a book review published in of a book that was considered an important contribution to the emerging critical study of the fantastic.

What is your opinion on all this? But, using the diaspora may have positive marketing impact for Armenia in the eyes of its partners on the international stage? Enthusiastic, brilliant, approachable 1 person found this useful 0 people did not find this useful report this rating.

On the other hand, a lot of people would argue that diaspora communities do not wish for such a role or are not really aware of the political challenges of the Republic of Armenia. Log In Sign Up. The other is the emergence of transnational social spaces. The American Tolollyan of Armenia is one.


This is one khachiv where a well-developed and well-cultivated list of talent can be helpful. The question of how the existence of the Republic has transformed the diaspora is even more difficult: He is a great professor, always helpful, always clever and creative. The answers to these questions are deeply complicated, in part because what is at issue is the validity of secession: For a long time, its mode of action was to target exclusively Turkish diplomats.

Researchers have to study the nature and intensity of specific affiliations: Linked to the previous question, another puzzle for me is why the Armenian government does not make better or proper use of the resources available in the diaspora?