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KORG PXR4 • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. View and Download Korg ToneWorks PXR4 owner’s manual online. Digital Recording Studio. ToneWorks PXR4 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. 48 X 48mm.. Thermocouple °C. Thermocouple °F. Resistance bulb Pt 3-wire type °C. Resistance bulb Pt 3-wire type.

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If some- thing does slip into the equipment, unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet. Then contact your nearest Korg dealer or the store where the equipment was purchased. Table of Contents Introduction Creating a new song Selecting a different song Changing the name of a song Saving an effect program Insert blank space into a track P. Erase data from a track Delete data from a track P. Copy a virtual track Delete a virtual track If you are unsure about your rights to a work, please consult a copyright attor- ney.

Printing conventions in this manual [ ]: Keys, and knobs on the panel of the PXR4 are enclosed in [square brackets]. Parameters that appear in the display are enclosed in double quotation marks. Features of the PXR4 and their function 1. Display This area displays level meters for recording and play- back, time information locatepage information, and various parameters.

Higher settings will produce a louder volume.

Display screen 8 — 14 1. Battery empty icon This will blink when the battery runs low. Display indicator These indicate the type of level that is shown by the level meters.

Pdf Download | KORG PXR4 User Manual (99 pages)

Introduction Connections The diagrams below show some basic examples of how the PXR4 can be connected. Refer to these diagrams, and make connections as appropriate for your equipment. Connections must be made with the power turned off. Doing so may damage manuxl SmartMedia. Listening to the demo songs The included card contains demo songs.

Connect headphones or a monitor amp to the PXR4.

Make connections as described on p. Turn on the power of the PXR4. Quick start This section explains easy operation of the PXR4. Preparations Insert the card Insert the card SmartMedia into the card slot.

Manhal the display is too dark to read, turn on the backlight. Mixer operations manuao performed in this mode. You can adjust volume, pan, and effect send levels for each track. In addition, there is also a Tuner lorg in which the PXR4 functions as a tuner. Selecting and setting parameters By continuing to hold down the mode key you pressed, you can move through the pages after entering the mode in the same klrg as by pressing the [CURSOR] down key.


Tuning The PXR4 has a built-in tuner function. Creating a new song Before you can make a new recording, you must create a new song. Access the song creation page. Kog If you are in the middle of the song, press the [REW] key to move to the beginning of that song, and then press the [REW] key once again to move to the previous song.

When you switch songs, the volume level of each track will change to the level at which the faders were when you switched songs. Connect the input device. Adjust the recording level of your input device, and record. PXR4 at the moment recording begins.

Specify the number of measures until when record- ing will begin.

Use the dial to specify the number of measures that will be recorded. You can specify up to mea- sures. Set the current time to the measure at which you want to begin recording. Operation which is inconvenient for listening while you record.

Playback This section explains basic playback on the PXR4, and how to play back songs consecutively. Playback Select the song that you want to play back, and set the time location. Moving toward the right will switch screens, allowing you to move in smaller units. Move to the next or previous mark.

Downloads | PXR4 – Owner’s Manual | KORG (USA)

If you want to set these locations manhal regard to marks, select the mark that is closest to the desired time, and press the [CURSOR] down key to switch to the time dis- play for that mark. Using effects The PXR4 provides 77 types of effects.

It contains pre- set and user effect programs that combine these effects in various ways. The preset memories contain effect programs created by professional musicians and studio engineers. The fac- tory preset settings contain effect programs, each of which consists of one of these chains.

Adjust the volume korh the effect.

While you listen to the output, use the dial to adjust the setting. EFF has been saved on the card, the data stored in the PXR4 itself the default settings korgg be loaded.

Korg ToneWorks PXR4 Owner’s Manual

Simply exchanging cards will not change the contents of the effects. Setting the tempo and time signature On the PXR4, you can set one tempo for a song.

Song editing The PXR4 provides the following editing operations for managing songs. Undo is not available for song edit operations. Song editing operations Song Name — Track editing The PXR4 provides the following track editing operations. For details on each parameter, refer to p. Operation Select the track for which you want to select a virtual track. Select the virtual track. Use the dial to select the number of times to copy the data.

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Operation SOR] right key to execute the operation. You can press the [UNDO] key to return to mabual state prior to executing. Register marks at the desired In and Out time loca- tions.

Use the dial to select the number of times that the data will be copied. Adjust the level and pan etc. Connect your external recording device. Start recording on your external recording device, and play back the PXR4. A card for use with the PXR4 must not be formatted on a computer or digital camera etc.

The card janual be formatted by the PXR4 itself. Back up the data to your computer. When you lorg the removable disk drive that was added in step 3you will see the contents of the SmartMedia that is inserted in the PXR4. Parameters This section explains the function of the parameters that appear in the display each time you press a key.

LOCATE Here you can check the current location, set the counter display, and use the counter to change the current time. Manuak a song This operation deletes the selected song. The data will be copied in 1-frame 36 msec units.

When this operation is executed, the track data of manuak In— Out region will disappear, and the track data that follows the deleted data will be shifted forward. External input when the recorder is recording Off: Tracks selected for recording will always use the external input. Delete the undo data of all songs.

KORG PXR4 User Manual – Download

MARK In these pages you can use marks to change the current time location, and can also delete marks. This page morg be selected if no marks have been registered. Select a mark Here you can select a mark, and change the current mxnual to the location of that mark. The PXR4 has one built-in effect unit, and you can select one of the following locations into which it will be inserted. Parameters Select this when you want to record while applying a ste- reo effect.

Stereo-in stereo-out Select this when you want to make overall adjustments to the song in the master LR bus. This is the normal recording mode.