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Exploring Obesity and Blood Lipids Levels in Farmers in Eleme Local .. The farmers are exposed to hazards of heat and cold, during the dry. for Seasonal Variation in Air Pollution Level in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria Results indicated that the coefficient of determination (R2) for both dry and rainy. Air Pollution Level in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria Keywords: Air pollutants; meteorological parameters; dry season; and rainy reason. 1.

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Although increasing attention is being paid to health and safely in the workplace by national governments and international organizations through education with enlightenment programmes and enforcement of regulations, it is most difficult to achieve in small work units; nowhere more is this case than in farming which may have the added advantage of isolation [ 8 ].

There are two sections that make up the community, the initial migrants and those brought in by the Federal Government in as returnees from Equatorial Guinea resulting in a population of about 30, The World Health Organization consultation in formally recognized the global nature of obesity epidemic [ 10 ].

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This result affirmed the finding of Ibekwe and Adesope that education had a positive relationship with dry season telferia outputs at 0. Remember me on this computer.

The findings of this study show that the farmers in this environment of study were mostly people in the healthy weight range. Obesity was considered a condition associated with high socioeconomic status; indeed early in the 20 th century, most populations in which obesity became public health problem were in the developed world, United States and Europe. We recommend you contact trusted professionals as we have already performed rigorous checks and you are assured of quality service delivery.

Data was fed into SPSS version 20 for descriptive statistics and frequency distribution.

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Samples were preserved in a cooler with ice-chips in a separate container which provided about the temperature of a refrigerator, before transportation to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital Chemistry laboratory within one and half hours after collection.


Obesity is defined as an excess of body adiposity, for practical reasons body weight has been used as a surrogate for adiposity which is not easy to measure in routine examinations.

Tall AR Plasma high density lipoproteins. This finding is somewhat in line with those of Dicta, Toritseju and Ewolor which was essentially resource use efficiency of wet season telferia production in Delta State. Three hundred and seventy-five patients, adults and children out of who three hundred and thirty were adults, were attended to in the Farm Settlement before the study number of fifty-eight 58 apparently healthy subjects was obtained.

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Presently it is an entirely Gokana Community in Eleme. They are restricted to consumption of high calorie food and inelemf inactivity. Promotion of improved telferia seed multiplication service as an agribusiness venture for upcoming entrepreneurs will reduce the disincentive created by high seed cost on commercial production of telferia.

Work starts at about 6. Criticisms of the use of BMI for body composition assessment are that it is a relatively poor indicator inele,e body fat percentage and it results in inaccurate classifications normal, overweight, obese for some individuals.

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Pie and Bar charts were used kurk present the data Figures The prevalence of overweight and obesity was high amongst year olds and reached a second peak among the age groups and years old [ 15 ]. Per capita vegetables and fruits intake in Nigeria is still less than the g per day recommended by the World Health Organization as the minimum requirement for the growth and development of the body Mirmiran, Sorry, we could not find any kurh in.

Farming in world-wide term, is still a very labour intensive occupation but like other industries in the developed countries, the amount of direct human physical activity has been greatly reduced by labour-saving devices indleme 5 ].


The instruments used for the study are validated instruments and were checked to be in proper working condition. Eleme covers an area of km2 and had a population ofas at the national population census.

However, serum heparinized plasma constitutes a satisfactory specimen, heparin added as an anticoagulant in vitro inelleme no effect and the values in paired plasma and serum samples indicate that the serum levels are substantially the same as plasma levels if sera are separated promptly. An investigation of the extent to which certain factors alter outputs differently in wet and dry seasons vegetable production is necessary.

Incentives of referrals and transportation cost for those who need to go to hospital if the need arose, over the counter medications such as pain relief, multivitamins and supplements, were offered. The general perception was that a woman without adiposity on the buttocks and stomach and a man without a bulging abdomen are not well to do.

Save money by comparing prices from different businesses. Leton 1 and J. Mean TC was 4. CH 4 increases with wind speed and temperature and decreases with wind direction and relative humidity.

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

These values conformed to the logit model in which the dependent variable is usually binary or dichotomous and takes one of the two possible responses or values. Although prices of vegetables are high during the dry season, it benefit only a few inele,e because the majority opt out of dry season vegetable farming because of high costs of artificial irrigation and hired labour. Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry 2ndedn Philadelphia: