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Uncertain Magic [Laura Kinsale] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Roderica Delamore is an heiress and should be a prize catch—except. Roderica Delamore is an heiress and should be a prize catch—except for an embarrassing and magical secret. She has the Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale. Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale – book cover, description, publication history.

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Until that point, I feel like paranormal creatures were viewed more from a horror lens than a romantic lens, ujcertain there would still be crossover occasionally with things like Fright Night.

Desert Isle Keeper

Nov 27, Wicked Incognito Now rated it it was ok. If a book could fall apart if characters talked it really doesn’t have that great of a plot. It really did feel like a more recent writing. I mean, if she could read minds, and most of what he had on his mind was debauching servant girls, I’m guessing she would have been disillusioned with him sooner. It’s an amazing treat for Roddy to be near someone and not be bombarded by their thoughts.

I can’t wait to pick up the rest of this author’s works! With Faelen, she has none of that.

The problem is that Faelan suffers memory loss so he can’t be sure he didn’t commit the things he’s accused of. This is a 3. His rich, deep voice and emotive reading has made him my favorite audiobook narrator, hands down. Psychic Romance Review Tags: At least, as I recall, it was the first of my manuscripts that I was pretty reticent in describing to my editor. There were a few times that I wanted to give up on the book and honestly glad that I didn’t.

I found it interesting that it felt like a book that was written decades ago, not because it seems dated, but because the plot is much more expansive than romance novels that are currently being published. They are ambitious and make me feel far more than any others in this genre.


This one is from my own audiobook library. There’s barely any plot.

There is a point where the plot became a bit heavy with the political drama. Books Life Love Tea. They marry with some speculation from the gossip mill. Roddy and Fealan’s story is rich in emotion, love and experiences that I loved kinsald beginning to the end. She meets her dream man–a man who’s mind she can’t read.

Uncertain Magic — All About Romance

Even if he’s not mad, it’s clear that he has involvement in the Irish rebellion, and won’t balk at violence when it comes from dealing with the people who get in his way. Roddy finally finds someone whose mind she cannot read, but why? The way you weave the legends of fairies and time lost in the magical hills through your lxura and descriptions are magic themselves. I always feel like I should admit that I’m a huge Kinsale fangirl when I write these reviews, but Roderica Delamore has a “gift.

Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale

These comments and discussions replace my old forum at The Terrace. If it had hundreds of pages of the characters doing mundane tasks, I doubt I’d have been any less engrossed in the story than I was.

Magicc wish you were dead! No, but any effort by Kinsale is better than even the best by many other authors. Everyone, except Roddy, thinks Faelan is dangerous. Just finished my second read-through, and as they say about yon fiction, it was even better than I remembered. EnglandIreland.

She is a real piece of work. Thankfully, Faelan doesn’t prove to be an ass and he really is coming to care very much for Roddy. But I think Kinsale did a good job of juggling such a difficult “device” as a character who can read peoples’ and animals’ minds.


It worked for me.

The only reason it didn’t get five solid stars was because sometimes the angst was so intense and so unpleasant that reading actually became a chore, especially since the hero’s Kinnsale McBrooderson attitude was a total from his character in the first half of the book. Apr 13, Minerva Spencer rated it it was amazing.

Uncertain Magic

Set in late Georgian England and Ireland, the novel adds Irish magic and mystery to a can’t-put-down, sweeping drama of two misfits who find their fit with each other. Thanks for telling us about the problem. If they had just sat down and talked for fifteen minutes tops, none of the last-minute gotchas of the last act would have even been an issue. For all I know, it could be a combination of all three as this question is not answered in any obvious way.

The explanation for Faelan’s lifelong memory lapses as well as what happened with Roddy’s maggic felt glossed over to me and not really given the attention and weight either deserved. Lucrug Avevo intenzione di leggerlo,ma con tre stelle lo delisto: Never perfect, but great inside and able to live, to mistake, to survive and to became better for those they love.

It’s a strange, unsettling book that will stay with me. I listened to Uncertain Magic via Audible Audio and loved it! There is a revolution brewing and while Faelan is trying to stay out of the crossfire, it becomes very difficult to do that.